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  •  China "Cosmetic" Information:
  • Cosmetic Relevant Article Titles
    Guide of Cosmetics products import into Chinese Market
    Cosmetics export to China Shanghai Pudong via New Express Channel,Can save 50% CFDA registration time!
    China import Cosmetics registration license(CFDA approval certificate)
    CFDA Registration cost and timetable for General Cosmetics
    Imported Cosmetics Chinese Label CIQ Filing
    Requisite Documents of import Cosmetic SFDA Registration in china
    Import Cosmetic SFDA Registration Procedure
    Our services of China SFDA Legal Agent
    New Cosmetics Raw Material SFDA Registration charge and timetable
    SFDA Registration expense and timetable for Special purpose Cosmetics
    The request of Cosmetics product formula china SFDA submission
    Cosmetic SFDA Registration in china
    The toxicology test items for new Cosmetics raw material of SFDA require
    Safety,Applicability and Efficacy Test of Cosmetics in China
    New rules For Cosmetic Products Registration in China
    Classes of Import Cosmetics in China
    China Cosmetic sales growth powers ahead
    Documents required to declare the New Cosmetic Raw Materials
    Chinese Regulations about Cosmeitc registration
    How long does the Cosmetic test last?
    How to declare for multi-color series of general imported Cosmetics?
    China considering to end mandatory animal testing for some Cosmetics
    Cosmetics sales in China continue to boom, despite global down-turn
    Cosmetics export to China From Hongkong to Guangdong Shenzhen,
    Can save 6 months CFDA approval time!
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